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Summer 2016

Children's Fall 2018 Show
Sign ups are still available!
Everyone loves a good story, especially when it comes to life! Lucille’s mother tells her the story of “The Princess King” as it unfolds before our eyes on the main stage. Princess Genevieve wants to marry Henry, but he’s just a common cook. Of course, the king thinks this is ridiculous and takes it upon himself to choose who will be the next king and a suitable husband for his daughter. Though the princess begs her father to let her lead the kingdom herself, the king instead decides to hold a contest to find the next king. Princess Genevieve is outraged that she has been reduced to a trophy for her father’s contest, so she and Henry cook up a plot to have Genevieve enter the contest herself. Disguised as a prince, Genevieve is intent on proving to her father that she is worthy to wear the kingdom’s crown. Meanwhile, to cover for her absence, Henry clumsily masquerades as the princess, and Genevieve’s maid tries to cover for the cook! Filled with mistaken identities, tongue-in-cheek humor, and over-the-top characters, your audiences will cheer for the princess as she tries to outsmart Prince Air-Guitar and evil “Prince Fluffy” and battle the great chicken-dragon, with some help from Henry’s delicious lasagna! 27 spots –In the Little Theatre at Boeckman $140

Auditions Saturday September 22 1-3pm
Rehearsals Saturdays 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 12/1 1-4pm
Tech week 12/3-12/6 6-8:30pm
Performances 12/7 7:30pm and 12/8 1pm

To register for The Princess King, click here

Lots of performing opportunities for Kids coming up in Farmington!
Winter 2019 Show
James DeVita

This award-winning stage adaptation by renowned playwright James DeVita takes Lewis Carroll’s original Through the Looking Glass and literally runs with it. This wild adaptation highlights and improvises on the pure, unadulterated fun of the story. The play still retains some of Carroll’s deeper meanings, but what it possesses most of all is a huge helping of unabashed silliness! This delightful romp through Alice’s looking glass land retains all of the familiar characters then introduces dozens of new ones: a baseball team, a gospel group called The Responsibilities, a train conductor, a peanut salesman, detectives, a Miss America pageant, star-struck tourists, plastic light saber wielding knights and much more. 35 kids Ages 6-17, $140 
All rehearsals and performances at Robert Boeckman Middle School Little Theatre.
Auditions Wednesday Jan 3 6-8:30pm Metcalf
Saturday Rehearsals 1-4pm-1/05, 1/12, 1/19, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23
Friday Rehearsals 6-8:30pm 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 3/1
Saturday rehearsal 3/2 3-4pm
  Tech week 3/04-3/07- 6:00-8:30pm
Performances 3/08 7pm, 3/09 1pm